Why Do I Pay Rent In Advance?

June 20, 2019

| Jordan Howard

Picture this: It’s summer break, classes have been out for almost a month, you are enjoying time at home with your family, sleeping in everyday, going on vacation to extravagant places and most of all you have no classes or assignments! Life could not get any better than this. It’s likely that your apartment and paying bills is far from your mind. You figure that payments will be something to worry about when your classes start this fall.

All of a sudden, you’re sitting on the beach with your friends, blasting your favorite song and your phone vibrates with an email from Granite stating that your June and July rent is due and you can’t pick up your keys on your move-in date without paying it. You’re thinking, “What’s this? I don’t move in until August?!” You start to freak out and call Granite to make sure there is not some kind of mistake. You might even have a sinking feeling in your stomach when you remember signing your lease and think, “Oh yeah.. Maybe my payments do start early…”

Don’t worry – there’s no need to panic! Granite has you covered.

It’s a typical procedure for property management companies to charge a security deposit, totaling up to the first and last month’s rent at lease signing. We all know it is impossible as a student to come up with $15, much less $1500 in one day. We know that pre-paying your rent along with your deposit is not very doable with a student’s income. Instead, we simply start your rental payments two months early and end them two months early Yes, your payments start June 1st. But this way, when you finish your spring semester in May, you will not need to make any more rental payments! You will be freed up for the summer to study abroad, take an internship out-of-state, or simply spend time at home with your family without the looming pressure of paying rent! Many students who are international, graduating in the spring, or simply like having some extra money in the summer-time are especially fond of this option we present.

Wanting to get the money back for the two months you pre-paid? Granite offers subleasing options as well But that’s another blog for another day.

If you have any questions about the payment plan on your lease, you can reach out to a leasing agent at 765.269.7283 or info@granitesl.com to talk about your options!

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