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Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Granite, we’re ready to answer any questions you may have about renting an apartment. Reference this quick list of FAQs to get started.   

If you paid a security deposit, deposits are paid when signing a lease and are used for any turnover costs associated with returning the unit to move in condition. The security deposit will be used to cover any damages, repairs, materials, cleaning costs, painting costs, unpaid rent, additional rent, and late charges. The market rate for carpet cleaning will also be deducted from the security deposit. 

You can report maintenance issues via our online portal, email, or by calling our office during regular business hours. For after hour emergencies, please call the corresponding number on our contact page:

An emergency repair is something that poses an immediate danger to you or the property. This can include things like severe water leaks, fire, electrical issues, or broken locks on exterior doors.

If you’re locked out during office hours, you can come to our office for a spare key and leave collateral. After hours, you can our call maintenance team here on our contact page:

You can contact maintenance at

We will reach out via email and/or text in early fall to see if you want to renew. All residents will be required to sign a leasing agreement in order to renew their lease.

Apartments will be shown on a rotation as units are available. Once your apartment is renewed by you or a new tenant has signed to move in, we will remove it from the showing list.

Yes, tenants are given the option to sublease during their lease term if they are no longer wishing to utilize the apartment. Tenants and sublessees must complete a sublease agreement and pay any necessary fees before the sublease takes effect. A lease release may be available if the tenant secures a replacement prior to the commencement date of the lease agreement.

Granite offers a damage waiver program which will fulfill the liability damage coverage requirements for an additional fee. Tenants are automatically enrolled in the damage waiver program which covers the tenant for damages of up to $100,000 to the Landlord’s property due to the negligent action or inaction of the Tenant or Tenant’s occupants or guests for the following causes of loss: fire, smoke, explosion, backup or overflow of sewer, drain, or sump, water damage, and falling objects, etc. Residents may provide a relevant qualifying certificate of insurance and opt out of the damage waiver program. Please see the Damage Waiver FAQ to learn more:

Our properties have a specific pet policy which varies from property to property. Some may not allow pets, while others do allow pets. You will need to register your pet with PetScreening. Check out more information here:

To add someone to your lease, they must first apply and be approved by management. Contact our office for more details.

You can pay rent through our online portal (Appfolio) using a bank transfer or credit card which will have a fee, or you can drop off a check or money order at our office. We do not accept cash.

You can set up auto-pay through our online portal on Appfolio. Once logged in, you’ll find an option to set up recurring payments.

You can contact our billing department at

If rent is not received by the due date outlined in your lease, a late fee will be applied. Persistent late payments may result in eviction proceedings.

Depending on your location you may be able to pay your rent with financial aid. Those paying by financial aid will be required to email in order to receive the policy information and fulfill all necessary requirements, which will include providing financial aid information and signing an additional addendum.

The responsibility for utilities differs from property to property. Your lease agreement will outline which utilities you are responsible for. You will need to have utilities set up before getting your keys.

AccordioPlease check with the leasing team to know your property specific parking rules. You can reach out and verify by contacting us here: Most of our properties require a pass to be able to park and a parking addendum to be filled out. n Content

 If parking permits are required at your property, you can obtain one from our office. Make sure you have a parking addendum filled out. 

 Guest parking policies vary by property. Please contact our office for information specific to your property.

You can update your contact information by contacting our office directly via email.

 Guests are permitted for short stays. For extended stays, please consult your lease agreement or contact us.

You are required to be moved out on your move out date and return your keys to the leasing office. You will receive a move out email with more information.

If you lose your keys, contact our office as soon as possible. We can provide a replacement set.

Additional locks or security devices require prior approval from management. Please email our office to discuss your needs.

Installation of a security system requires prior approval from management. Please contact our office to discuss your request.

If your roommate moves out before the lease ends, all individuals on the lease are still responsible for the full rent amount. If you wish to add a new roommate, they must be approved and added to the lease if it allows.

 Large item disposal must be arranged separately and may involve additional fees. Please contact our office via email before disposing of large items.

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