resident services

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Here at Granite, we’re all about making life easier. When it comes to providing quality services to our residents, one of the easiest ways to do that is by providing you with what you need most. Discover the plus sides of renting.


Build your credit score while renting an apartment! With MyCreditLift, all you have to do is pay your rent on time and you automatically help build your credit score. Plus, there’s no additional lines of credit, no loans, and no interest rates!

Resident Damage Liability Program

Give yourself peace of mind with Renter’s Insurance, which helps protect you and your apartment when unexpected events occur. Here at Granite, Renter’s Insurance is required for all residents. After signing your lease, we’ll take care of setting up your insurance so you don’t have to worry about it.


Have a question? Want to know more about resident services? Let the team at Granite Student Living know which services you’re interested in today.

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