Why Are You Showing My Apartment?

May 9, 2018

| Jessica Jordan

So, you just get settled into your new apartment. It’s taken you a few months but you have all your decor in the exact place you want, pictures hanging on the wall, and the rug that matches your sofa perfectly positioned. You are finally feeling like calling this place home, then you get a text, “Hey, This is Granite Student Living letting you know your apartment has been scheduled for an apartment tour tomorrow. The showing would start at 10a and continue until 5p. If you want to know when we will tour your apartment, please call our office at 765.269.7283. Thank you!”. You think to yourself, “It’s November, why is my apartment being shown right now?”

The short answer… you haven’t renewed yet! The leasing cycle for the Purdue market runs typically from October through May. Most students are renewing in October, November and early December. It’s important to watch your inbox for that first wave of renewal emails and be sure to respond as soon as possible. This secures your living arrangements for next year but more importantly, stops those pesky showings!

Notification of showings can occur as early as the day before to up to 30 minutes prior for same day showings. A typical showing can last anywhere from 5-15 minutes, so why do showings continue until 5pm? The later the school year, the fewer apartments there are to show. Apartments that are shown are rotated to be fair to those that are not renewing. You don’t have to be present and although a clean apartment is best, we understand it may not be perfect. Those apartment residents that take the time to clean up before we show, are often are rewarded with a gift card, so don’t be afraid to freshen the place up.

Next time you get that text from Granite, try to remember that once upon a time you too were searching for an apartment and trying to decide where you were going to live next school year.

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