The Ultimate Guide to Spring Break 2019

March 1, 2019

| Kailyn Scott

Spring break is ONE. WEEK. AWAY! That’s only 7 days, 168 hours, 10,800 minutes and 604,800 seconds-let the countdown begin! Whether you’re staying on campus, heading home, studying abroad, traveling down south or road tripping somewhere new, you deserve your week-long break. We want you to enjoy your time off, so here are some tips to have the best week ever!


Staying on campus for break? No packing necessary! Take this time to catch up with friends or actually sleep. You may experience a little “fomo” seeing your friend’s Instagram posts and Snapchat stories, but appreciate the fact you’re actually saving money. Staying on campus over break would be the perfect time to enjoy a crowd-free coffee shop or even stop by your favorite restaurant for a lunch date. Make sure to check your Bananefits to get some money off your next order at a variety of campus restaurants.


If you’re heading home, find some hot spots in your hometown and hang out with your friends – we’re sure your parents would appreciate time spent with them too! If you’ve spent too much time sitting on the couch, take a day-trip to a part of your town you’ve never explored before or drive to a different city for a change of scenery. Visit a bookstore and get cozy with a good book, go to the movies and indulge in some movie theatre popcorn, or take your fur-baby for a walk. They’ll love you even more for it. 🙂


What to pack:  Those of you who are traveling somewhere warm, please bring back the sunshine -we’re begging! If you’re going south, you’ll probably spend a lot of time on the beach, so here’s a list of things you may want to pack for your week of sun and sand:



  • Swimsuits (guys-check this one out!)
  • Shorts
  • Tanks
  • Undergarmets
  • Dresses/dress shirts
  • Sandals (beach shoes)
  • Pair of jeans
  • Light jacket
  • Hat



  • Shampoo/Conditioner
  • Deodorant
  • Tooth brush/tooth paste
  • Sunscreen
  • After-sun lotion/aloe (because everyone gets burned 😉 )
  • Hair detangling spray
  • Brush
  • Makeup
  • Hair styling tools
  • Razor




How to pack:  We’ve all experienced those moments where we’re standing in front of our closet, pulling just about every single piece of clothing off its hanger and throwing it into the “yes” pile. But, as much as we’d all like, we can’t take everything. If you ever find yourself literally sitting on your suitcase to get the zipper closed, conside the tips below.


Tips on how to be a packing pro:

  • Roll your clothes-it allows for more space
  • Pick your outfits down to the last detail before packing your bag so you don’t overpack
  • If you’re flying, you can use a carry-on bag for smaller items
  • Put shampoo, condition & lotion into smaller travel size bottles
  • Put belts inside of shirt collars or socks inside of your shoes
  • Plan space for things you may purchase when on vacation



Before you leave:  While spring break is one of the most exciting times of the year, it’s important to take traveling seriously. Road trips can be tons of fun, but there are safety precautions that should be taken into account, especially if you’re traveling without a parent. If you’re ambitious and taking on the drive to another state, consider these tips before beginning your journey.

  • Plan your trip around the big cities you have to drive through to factor in rush hour traffic
  • Make a rule that the driver & passenger are awake at all times for safety
  • Book a hotel in advance if you plan to stop through the night
  • Leave with a full tank of gas
  • Along with your planned route with GPS or your phone, have your directions printed out in case of a tech-problem (yes we know this is such a “parent” thing, but we promise it’s worth it)
  • Share your location with a parent or trusted friend not on the trip so you can easily be found in case of an emergency
  • Have a charged phone at all times
  • Stick with your group


Most importantly, HAVE FUN! No matter what you’re doing or where you’re going, make the most of your week-long break. Take this time to refresh and recharge your body before coming back to finish off the semester strong!

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