Should I Live On or Off-Campus?

March 15, 2019

| Granite Marketing Liaisons

With hundreds of choices to pick from for housing, choosing a place to live can be pretty overwhelming. From on-campus residence halls and apartments to off-campus housing, there are pros and cons to each living situation. Our Marketing Liaisons are here to help give you an inside perspective on three different housing options available.


On-Campus Residence Hall – Taylor

Living on-campus definitely has its pros and cons. I currently live in Windsor Residence Hall which is part of the university housing.  Some residence halls are in walking distance from Purdue’s academic campus – which is a big plus.  However, some are farther than others and you might have to use the on-campus CityBus system to get around.


While living in the residence halls/dorms, you’ll also have Resident Assistants (RA’s) that live on each floor of your building. RA’s check on you and help regulate the rules for your particular hall. Their job is to help you make friends and feel at home. If you don’t know many people on campus this can be extremely helpful. You’ll also have weekly events, dinners and intramural sporting events as a floor. I highly suggest participating in the events because it helps you meet people and have a better living experience. If weekly events and being checked on isn’t your thing, no worries – you can easily stay on-campus and avoid the rules and regulations of a univeristy residence hall. A little known fact about being an incoming freshman at Purdue is that you aren’t required to live in university housing. It wasn’t my thing either as I’m moving out of the residence halls and into an apartment. 🙂


On-Campus Apartment – Cylie

During my 4 years at Purdue, I have lived in a dorm, sorority house, off-campus house and now an on-campus apartment. After trying out four different housing options, I’d have to say my current living situation is my favorite. Besides the cost of rent, the most important thing to keep in mind when picking an apartment is the location. I currently live in an apartment building located right behind Chauncey Square. It’s the ideal location because it’s about a 5-minute walk to the Purdue Union and a 2-minute walk to the popular restaurants.


Besides location, a huge pro to on-campus apartment living is freedom. With no RA or house manager, the only person you have to listen to is your landlord. Along with freedom, having your own space is a major perk. Whether you choose to live in a studio or 4 bedroom apartment like me, be sure to take into account the number of bathrooms and the size of each room. Currently, my apartment has 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, so I only have to share my bathroom with one person instead of a floor full of girls. Lastly, my apartment allows you to choose who you want to live with and how many roommates. College is sometimes the only chance you get to live with your besties, so take advantage of it while you can.


When looking for an apartment, it’s important to choose what you can afford. Right now, I pay $410 a month for rent, without utilities. Along with rent, I am responsible for paying electric, internet, and water. Although bills can be high for certain months, the charges are split between me and my three roommates-so overall pretty manageable. Something else you might want to keep in mind is laundry. My apartment has no in-unit washer and dryer so I have to go to another building to do my laundry but there are apartments that do have in-unit washer and dryer. It all depends on what you are looking for.


All in all, I have been very pleased with my apartment experience and recommend living in an on-campus apartment.


Off-Campus Apartment – Kailyn

As a student that lived in Owen my freshman year and now coming up on my third year living off-campus, I can easily say I’m 100% happy with my decision to move away from campus. Obviously, there are cons to living a few miles away from my classes and work, but overall I have enjoyed living in an apartment that allows me to separate my school and work from my personal life. Everyone’s situation is different and you may be searching for something completely opposite than what I love about off-campus housing, but here are some of the perks that I have experienced.


First and foremost, my rental rate is extremely affordable being off-campus.  My apartment comes with in-unit washer and dryer, full community gym, pool, volleyball court and even a bus route that is specifically for my apartment complex. There are definitely options for on-campus housing that have the majority of these amenities, but it really just depends on what you’re looking for in a living space and how much you are willing to pay.


I’ve never regretted moving to off-campus housing after my freshman year, but there are still a few cons to living a bit further away from campus and I think it’s really important to consider those. The main aspect of off-campus housing that is a bit of a “burden” is having to wait for the bus to get home (especially when it’s freezing outside). The MyCityBus app revamped itself this year, so it’s super easy to know exactly when I need to be at the bus stop. But every once in a while there’s a time when you miss the bus and it’s not coming around the loop again for another 20 minutes. Most times, I never have a problem with this happening and the bus route is quick and convenient.


Trying to decide which living situation is best for you can be stressful and overwhelming. Talk to one of our leasing agents and they can help find your perfect fit! 

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