What To Do At Purdue In The Summer

June 18, 2018

| Cylie Miller

The gym is empty, the libraries are dead, the construction has tripled, and there’s no line at chipotle, which can only mean one thing… it’s summer on campus. If you’re part of the few students who get to stay on campus in the summer, consider yourself lucky. Sure, it can be lonely sometimes with most of your friends gone, and you may experience some fomo seeing your home friends hanging out, but a summer on campus can be awesome, if you want it to be. Take advantage of your extra time and enjoy a different side of campus, and here’s how:

  1. Hit the gym

Like I mentioned above, the gym is a ghost town in the summer. Ever wanted to try that workout from your insta gym crushes?? Now’s the time to! Less people, means more equipment, so forget waiting in line on the squat rack and get back on your fitness grind.

  1. Nature is neat

Did you know there’s a State Park about an hour south of Purdue? Turkey Run makes for a perfect day trip or weekend camp getaway. Experience the beauty of nature on their many hiking trails, or spend the day horseback riding, canoeing, or fishing. No car? No problem! There are tons of little hiking trails in and around West Lafayette / Lafayette. Check out this website for a full list of hiking and biking trails. https://www.homeofpurdue.com/attractions/hikingbikingtrailways.html

  1. Become a townie for a day

Now that you’ve moved out of the library for the summer, it’s time to get out and explore the town around Purdue, or even just campus itself. Since the stress of school is significantly lower in summer, it’s time to finally appreciate what campus has to offer. Take a trip to the Farmer’s Market on Thursdays in Memorial Mall or grab your hammock and nap in the clapping circles. Check out the tops of buildings and find those with a rooftop garden or patio. Heard the top of Lawson is pretty cool. Take a trip downtown and try some new restaurants. Some popular places are DT Kirby’s, East End Grill, and RedSeven Bar and Grill.

  1. Hang out with Harry

During the year, the lines to get into the bars can be crazy. In the summer, forget the hour long wait times and enjoy a chill night out. Now’s your chance to finally get into Piano Bar, without having to get there early to do so. Grab your cards and go out with some new classmates or co workers. Spend extra time at Where Else, who knows how much longer it’s going to be here (crying). Whether you hit up Harrys, Where Else, Brothers, or Cactus, the bars are always a good time. Plus, Brothers is still giving away free shirts every Thursday at 10 pm.

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