What is Breakfast Club?

April 12, 2019

| Cylie Miller

The Saturday of Grand Prix week is anticipated all week long. For some of us, we’ll spend the day outside at the race track, while the rest of us 21+ spend the Saturday morning at the bars enjoying breakfast club. If you’re like me, you need sleep to function, let alone to wake up at the crack of dawn to celebrate. However, there are those who keep the party going all night long. If this is your first breakfast club, we’re here to answer all your questions!


1. “What is breakfast club?”

Bre-ak-fast C-lub (n): the act of waking up before the sun to drink large amounts of alcohol at the bars while dressed in crazy costumes. A Purdue tradition.


2. “What do I wear??”

Honestly anything is acceptable…within reason. You want to dress for the weather, at least try to. The lines to get into the bars can be crazy long, so be prepared to wait. My go-to costume for cold weather is a onesie. Simple, fun, and most importantly, warm. Once you enter the bars, be ready to sweat. This breakfast club is highly attended, which means lots of people, so you’ll want to dress in layers, just in case you have to wait outside for a long time. Have fun with your costume and get creative! Check out Pinterest for more costume inspiration.


3. “Where should I go?”

Cactus, Where Else, Brothers, BobbyT’s, or Harry’s are the popular spots. Unless you plan to wait in line forever, I would recommend starting at campus bars. Plus, save $5 and skip the cover at Cactus. You can purchase a skip the line pass for Cactus, but those go quickly so buy them fast. Harry’s usually has a later open time, so if you prefer to sleep in, Harry’s is the bar for you.


4. “I have to wake up HOW early?”

Waking up early is tough, but waking up early to party makes it a little easier. If you do plan to breakfast club, you have to commit to the early alarm. Usually, the bars open around 7am, which means the lines to get in start even earlier. The line for Cactus is usually the longest, so you’ll want to get in line pretty early. Those who are really determined start lining up around 3am. I recommend waking up around 4-4:30am. This gives you enough time to eat, get ready, and get in line at an early time.


5. “Should I eat before?”

YES! Never drink on an empty stomach, especially when you’re waking up bright and early to do so. Grab a bagel or whip up some waffles. Your body will thank you later! Trust me 😉


Tips on how to have a fun and safe breakfast club:

  • Know your limit. If you choose to drink, drink in moderation. Take a break and drink water in between cups. Cactus cups hold a lot, so don’t try to outdrink your friends.
  • Buddy system! Coordinate a group costume so you have to stay together.
  • Don’t be afraid to say no! You can still have sober fun, so dress up and have a good time!

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