How To Get Involved On Campus

May 9, 2018

| Tori Houk

There is a lot more to college life besides going to class and studying. To make the most your college experience, check out the different opportunities to get involved on campus. Purdue offers hundreds of organizations that connect you with others who have similar interests to you!

Greek and Cooperative houses

These chapters on campus scream “get involved”. They give you any and every opportunity to make friends, gain leadership experience, and participate in philanthropies. Each chapter is unique, so you will not have a problem finding the right one for you. Get excited to gain an instant study buddy, workout partner, best friend, and expand your global network.

Clubs within your major

Okay, I know college is not all about academics, but academic excellence is vital for your success while you are here. Each major here offers several organizations within your major specifically that you can get involved with. You will learn more than just sitting in a classroom all day.

Community service organizations

There is no better feeling than giving back to others. There is a club for every charity that is close to your heart. Love kids? College Mentors for Kids is your place. How about grandparents? Adopt a Grandparent Cub is a thing. Have a passion for special needs? There are countless clubs just for you. Animals? Have you heard of the Pet a Puppy Cub? You’re welcome. Do good and feel good.

Sports/athletic clubs

Were you the star of your volleyball team? Do you miss having that team environment? There is an organization for you to compete at that level again. We have running, swimming, volleyball, gymnastics, soccer, and even badminton clubs. Any sport to get your competitive spirit up!

Everything else

Think there is no organization or club for you? Think again. There are clubs for every hobby. Do you like theater, comedy or even Quidditch? Purdue has something for you. And if there’s nothing that sparks your interest, it is pretty simple to create your own club!

Although you should be focusing on your studies, being involved on campus will give you even more experiences out of the classrooms. Check out to find the perfect organization for you!

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