Advice for College Students

May 3, 2019

| Cylie Miller

As I prepare to graduate in 1 week (CRYING), here is some advice on things I have learned during my time at Purdue, along with some tips on how to have the best four (or more) years.

  • Take time for school but make time for fun
    • College is all about balance. Work Hard, Play Hard 😉
  • Join a sorority/fraternity (or don’t)
    • Joining a sorority was an awesome experience and really helped me grow and enjoy college, but it’s not for everyone. Do what is best for you and stick with it.
  • Branch out of your friend group
    • I’ve made some really good friendships from work, extracurriculars, and classes. Plus, a study buddy is always helpful!
  • Learn from your professors and supervisors
    • Need a letter of recommendation? Get to know your professors – they have years of experience and knowledge & they are here to help you grow and learn.
  • It’s okay to change your major!!
    • It’s also okay to change your major junior year. I did and I’m happy I found a major I enjoy, even if it took a few years but now I am graduating with a degree I like & will use.
  • Enjoy what Purdue has to offer
    • Restaurants
    • Hiking trails
    • Libraries
    • Athletics
  • Support athletic teams
    • Football, basketball, baseball – you name it! Win or lose, a game with friends is always a good time!
  • Go to the Co Rec 
    • This was my second home. Not only will your body benefit, but the Co Rec is probably the nicest gym membership you’ll ever have.
  • Play (& win) intramurals
    • You don’t have to be an ex athlete to join. Play for fun and win at least one IM champs shirt before you graduate.
  • Take time for yourself
    • Watch a movie, sit in your hammock, take yourself to lunch. College is about finding yourself, so enjoy spending time alone.
  • Pick your roommates wisely
    • Living with people is hard. Pick friends who make it easier.
  • Keep your apartment clean
    • Make your bed every morning. A small change each day makes a huge difference in the long run.
  • Take advantage of career fairs and the CCO
    • Even as a senior, I still used the resources offered by the CCO. Whether you need a resume tweak or interview practice, the CCO wants to help you succeed.
  • Spend time applying for jobs
    • Don’t just send your resume out to every job you find. Focus on positions that you will enjoy in the future.
  • Budget your money
    • Even if you are careful, your money goes fast. Make a plan to set aside money for rent and basic needs each month, but save a little bit for fun too.
  • Go to class
    • You’re paying for it anyway so don’t let your money go to waste!
  • Always carry an umbrella
    • I know just the place to find one 🙂


It’s true when they say you blink and college is over, so enjoy your time here while you can. If you’re graduating this semester like me, congrats… we did it! #BoilerUp

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