How Do I Get My Security Deposit Back?

July 20, 2018

| Tori Houk

I’m sure you have heard how it is “impossible” to get your security deposit back. Those mean landlords and apartment management companies just steal all your money. No matter how much you scrub your floors, they’ll still say they are a mess. Yup, they are the worst.

But just like everything you read on the Internet or hear through the grapevine, some things may not always be as they seem. Us apartment managers and landlords are not out to get you and are not trying to steal all your money. We want to help you and help keep our properties in tip top shape.  So, that is what we are going to do:

Let’s first go over what a security deposit is. From a quick Google search, “A security deposit is a fixed amount of money you pay your landlord, or management company, to cover any damage you might cause to the property. The landlord can’t spend that money while you live in the apartment. In most states, the law requires your security deposit be held in a special account until you move out and the landlord can check the apartment for damage. If there are no damages, the money must be returned to you. If there are damages, any money left over after fixing them must be returned to you.”

We want to help you get your money back! Here is how to get back as much of your security deposit as possible:

  1. Fill out the move in checklist:
    1. This is the best way to make sure you only get charged for things you did to your apartment. Fill out your check list with as many details as possible, take pictures if you want! Note any damages that you didn’t do, and we won’t charge you for it.
  2. Don’t be dumb
    1. Use your brain when putting things on your walls and such. If you drill holes in the wall, they will need to be filled and painted. Charge. If you think it is a good idea to rip off your blinds because you needed more sunlight, you’ll have to pay for those.
  3. Clean like you have never cleaned before
    1. When you are moving out, you need to clean absolutely everything. Not just the carpets, toilets and tiles. You need to get behind the toilets, the entire microwave and unclog your drains.

When you move in, you expect your place to be perfect.  When these apartments have to be cleaned and prepped for the next tenants, we have to pay for people to do it. We want to help you get your money back just as much as you want your money back!

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